10 Latidos App


"10 Latidos" is a board game where the objective is to stabilize a patient by getting 10 beats free of micro-infarcts. To achieve this you will have to put into operation all your skills and you will also have a team that will help you stabilize the patient, such as atropine, oxygen, defibrillator, cardiac monitor, etc.


With this app, you will increase the experience of the game, increasing the difficulty by playing against time.


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Locked Escape Game


(In collaboration with GiveMeToPlay) Locked escape game, is an escape game for those who love to solve riddles, find suggestions, use objects, combine objects and much more. Each level of the game is designed to make you walk around the scene looking for hints and hints, objects and solutions to escape from the room. You also get a score for each room you escape, the faster and less tapping, the better score you will get. If you are among the best escapists, do not use the level jump button, since everyone else can jump the room after 200 seconds.


How to play :

- Tap the scene to find zooms, objects, riddles and suggestions.

- Pay attention to details, the minimum object you expect could be what you need to escape.

- Solve numerical riddles, logical puzzles, sequence puzzles, lever puzzles.

- Sometimes there is a secret to escape from the room faster if you are a hardcore player.

- The door is always your last obstacle.

Can you escape from the rooms fast enough? Try the free blocked escape game and see if you are ready for the challenge.


Erotic Love Dices


In Erotic Love Dices you have the opportunity to play 4 wonderful dice games, "Soft Dices", "Hot Dices", "Places Dices" and "Kamasutra Dices". Each game is available for genres H, G and L. Start off smoothly or move directly into action! You can roll the dice as many times as you want for free! Change game instantly from the button! "Erotic Love Dices" The ultimate erotic game.


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AVGhost: Paranormal Investigation


Is a cooperative boardgame for 1 to 4 players, where you will take control of a team of paranormal investigators. All of them are part of a specialized agency that investigates and solves paranormal events and poltergeist. In the game, you will be hired by several people with issues, who will request you to cleanse their homes from troublesome ghosts and spirits. AVGhost Includes 6 different cases to investigate, with a total duration of nearly 30 hours of gameplay. The game is designed to be played in the dark, with support from a digital APP that will reveal clues, add background music and will startle you with the sounds and voices from different paranormal events.


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Interval HIIT Timer


Interval HIIT Timer is a fantastic stopwatch which you can customize the time of your HIIT training: choose how many intervals you want to work, the interval time, the rest time and WORK IT!

Control the intervals of your training session with this "timer".

How does it work:

- Select intervals and adjust your time and rest time by clicking on the + and - buttons.
- You can also choose to warm up before HIIT training: simply select it, activate your box and set the desired time.
- When you have selected everything, you can click on the "Play" button to start your exercises / training,
- When you press "Play", you will see a screen with the text "READY?" and a 5-seconds countdown to prepare, right after our first session begins.
- Depending on the intervals we have selected, the intervals and rest screens will alternate until the HIIT training ends.
- In addition, you can save your sessions easily, entering the name you want to assign to the training session in the text-enabled bar and clicking on one of the 3 diskette images. You have up to 3 slots to save!


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